An endless passion for hack everything.
for discovery, for people, for life.

We want to bring the power of hacking into the streets to arouse the curiosity of people, we believe that a line of code can change the world. We want to share the seeds of knowledge so that other hackers can be inspired to discover, to question, to create, to change. If you do not understand, you would not know it, if you understand … everything explodes.

We are Hackers Clothing, that have seamlessly combined our passion for hack everything and T-shirts into one astounding, impressive and cohesive idea.

We try to bring in front the unique coding capabilities that people have in them. We are continually trying to find hackers that will create new lines of code which will allow us to communicate and better understand coding as an art.

At the same time, we want to bring in curiosity in front of the users and always help them have a head start by learning new things. All of this information is quite hard to transmit, but alongside the power of human communication, we also want to send these messages with the help of shirts. These are more than just a simple apparel, instead they are a tool that enables hackers to obtain pieces of code and share them with one another in order to create exploits, tools and scripts for hack computer systems.

All that we need is for you and other people such as yourself, whom understand this message, to succeed in creating new things with that particular message, things that are limited only by your own creativity and ideas that you might have. Hackers are very smart on their own, but thanks to these new shirts, they can enrich their knowledge, find new ideas and implement them, while also sharing them with others. Our project improves communication and provides a completely new linking method which is more cohesive, but which also manages to make people more creative.

It’s important to know that all of our shirts are created manually and crafted in a traditional manner, so not only will you be able to wear a high quality T-shirt.

If you want to prove your intelligence as a hacker and share your code with others, while also being able to communicate without any restrictions. From exploits to simple lines of code, all of them are interconnected in one of the most impressive, visually stunning. We welcome you into what is the best community of net.artists, which create, design and share their ideas, all through one of a kind, unique T-shirts.

If you find any vulnerability in our website and you report to info@hackersclothing.com we’ll send some custom and limited edition gifts to your home. Happy Hack!