Finding a sponsor?

If you need t-shirts for your conference, event, project or whatever, we can support it. Hackers Clothing has teamed up with brands and providers to be your sponsor.

We have a laboratory and a team of graphic designers, we can experience it all! textures, colors, shapes, materials, styles, printing methods, custom projects shirts, etc.


We use 2 programs to do this: Sponsorship and Endorsement. Both programs offer benefits and opportunities but are reserved for who are organizing publicly on a regular conferences or events and should adhere to standard guidelines set forth by Hackers Clothing Company.


* Conference, Meeting or Event with 100+ people.
* National/International press/media exposure.


* Conference, Meeting or Event for less than 100 people.
* National/Local exposure.

To be considered for one of our programs please send us an email. We do not offer free T-shirts so if that’s what you are after, please don’t apply. If you qualify for one of our programs, you will receive special pricing* as well as other promotional consideration.
*It could be 20% to 90% discount, the percentage is relative to the number of sponsors involved in your project through Hackers Clothing.
Please send info about your conference, event, meeting or project as completely as you can. This is our primary tool for determining how we can support your conference, event or project.

You have a conference, event or project that does not qualify? Send an email to and soon we’ll send options.


Be a Sponsor?

The benefits of sponsorship:

Consider it an investment, like any marketing channel or initiative. One of the greatest advantages to sponsoring a conference, event or hacker team is the positive word-of-mouth it will generate for your brand or company.

Targered people will see your logo, company name or brand at conferences, talks, workshops, events, security parties, hackers, researchers, developers, which is likely to result in an increase your engagement.

Please mail your latest conference, event or project, videos, photos, complete info (past, present, future) to: